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Kaizen: The Key To Japan's Competitive Success by Masaaki Imai describes the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement called kaizen directly translated as "good change."  In practice, kaizen applies to small yet continual improvements to processes, efficiency, waste management, and communication in business. 

At New Domain, LLC, we believe that kaizen should apply to all aspects of life including all forms of real estate from blank land to single family homes to multifamily complexes to commercial spaces to large commercial developments. 

By its nature, real estate is not continually improved (imagine living in a home with a wall that moved every week!); therefore, New Domain, LLC specializes in transformational real estate improvement designing properties that best reflect current needs with timeless style.  We turn mud into pay dirt, functional obsolescence into feng shui, hoards into homes, and blight into community.


Adam H. Littig, Amber M. Newell, and Wanna M. Littig combined their decades of training, knowledge, and experience in the fields of design, project management, sales, negotiation, finance, and leadership to form New Domain, LLC to embody agility, honesty, innovation, integrity, and continual improvement. 

Adam Littig


Amber Newell


Wanna Littig


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